YinKi Workshop with Micahla Cowles


Saturday, March 4th // 2pm – 3:30pm

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Combines Yin Yoga and Reiki (hands on energy healing)

Non-heated class. Recommend that you bring clothing that’s a little warmer (socks, warm shirt)

Yin Yoga is a passive & deeply healing form of yoga.

In Yin Yoga we hold postures longer which allows us to move deeper past the muscle and tendons. Yin stretches, lengthens and heals the connective tissues such as the ligaments (connect bone to bone) and the Fascia (the tissue that surrounds everything in the body)

Yin stimulates our Chi (energy) that runs through the connective tissues of our bodies. This helps to remove blockages or stagnant energy. This, in turn, helps vital energy to flow freely throughout the meridians and energy system of our bodies.

Incorporating Reiki Healing allows the energy to be received on a deeper level. Reiki is incredibly relaxing and gentle. Your body will receive exactly what it needs; no more no less. Reiki is an unconditionally loving and supportive form of healing. It works quickly and effectively. It does not require the recipient do anything but show up!

In each Yinki class you will begin with centering breath-work and meditation. Certified Reiki practitioner, Micahla Cowles, will infuse you with Reiki (universal energy) as you open into the connective tissues of the body through Yin Yoga. This allows for deep relaxation and the release of mental, emotional and physical stress. To complete the class you will be bathed in the healing sounds of crystal bowls, allowing your body to soak up all of the healing benefits that Yinki has to offer.