Yoga Mat Sendoff & Kindness Welcome Party @ Ratio Beerworks

Sunday, October 1st @ 4pm
LOCATION: Ratio Beerworks 2920 Larimer


Hello Yoga Mat Students,

As some of you know I opened The Yoga Mat 7 years ago with a passion for bringing amazing yoga to those that felt it wasn’t accessible or for them. Running this studio has been my dream job since day one and still is, no question. Within that 7 years in business I have had a lot of life changes, getting married, having kids, etc. And here we are today. It’s been a whirlwind. A very very happy whirlwind.

That being said, from where I stand now, I realize juggling two kids and owning a business is insanely hard to find a healthy balance. Unfortunately, I can’t commit the time to the studio like a studio owner should; so in doing what’s best for the future of the studio and our community, I have sold The Yoga Mat to Kindness Yoga with an official takeover date of October 1st.

So what does this mean for you, our students?

One of the reasons I selected Kindness Yoga is their commitment to you all and our community. Kindness, in keeping with their name, will honor any and all class packages purchased by Yoga Mat students. In addition, Kindness will honor our existing monthly member rate (no price hike)! They also believe there should be no financial barrier to practicing yoga, thus, the drop-in rate at Kindness is a sliding scale ($1-$18). Our classes will continue and we will work together to ensure a seamless transition for our students and staff. To learn more about Kindness Yoga and their commitment to yoga practice and community, visit their website here.

Personally, I want to thank you all for your endless support, for 7+ years of patronage and friendship and your unwavering loyalty throughout the years. This journey has been one the biggest joys of my life and I’m looking forward to watching our community grow and evolve. I would love if you could join me and our staff for a proper Yoga Mat sendoff and a warm welcome to our Kindness friends by meeting at Ratio Beerworks on Sunday, October 1st at 4pm.

I, of course, am always here to listen to your thoughts or concerns, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

With sincere gratitude,
Erin Hardy