Beginner Basics Workshop: Learn the How-To & Why of a Yoga Practice
with Damien Pham

image1 (1)Sunday, April 30th
3 – 5pm*
*Don’t worry, we won’t be practicing that whole time :) 

Price: $35 per person 

Monthly Member Discount: $28 (20% off)
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Starting a yoga practice can be intimidating and we want to change that once and for all!

Yoga is for everyone and we want to show you the ways to modify your practice for you individual body, making sure you know the how-to and why we do things the way we do. This workshop will cover the Sun Salutes, various standing and seated poses and the bliss of Shavasasna. No prior knowledge of any of these topics is necessary and even better, we want you to feel comfortable to ask questions!

Dress in comfortable clothes, bring your own mat or use one of ours.
We have all the props you could need and we’ll explain how to use them!
Excited to show you why we love this practice so much! See you on the mat!