Yin Teacher Training
with Micahla Cowles

Saturday 4.1
& Sunday 4.2

The student will be able to design Yin classes that embody the philosophy of Yin Yoga and are safely designed to open and heal the energy channels in the body; effectively restoring the sense of balance and grace one carries through life.



The Art of Chilling Out – Yoga for Stress Relief Workshop with Kris Loose

Sunday, 3.5

We’ll be discussing yoga techniques to use for managing stress anywhere and anytime. Learn how the sympathetic nervous system can trigger us and how to ground yourself with various yoga poses, pranayama (breathing techniques), mindfulness and guided meditation.



YinKi Workshop with Micahla Cowles

Saturday, 3.4

You will begin with centering breath-work and meditation. Certified Reiki practitioner, Micahla Cowles, will infuse you with Reiki (universal energy) as you open into the connective tissues of the body through Yin Yoga. This allows for deep relaxation and the release of mental, emotional and physical stress.