Meet Jess, Coffee Lover, Yogi and Cleanser

coffeeHello! My name is Jessica and I hope I look familiar. I have been a student at the Yoga Mat for about 5 years and I recently became a teacher here too! If you didn’t take a class with me or from me, you may have seen me down the street at Hutch & Spoon, most likely ordering a large Americano. So let’s get right to it. Ugh, caffeine. If you don’t know me, you probably do know my BFF/frenemy in a cup…coffee. You may even think that coffee is YOUR best pal too! I am the first to commiserate with feeling like you need that boost or love that flavor but I’m also the first to tell you have options. Tapping into your own natural energy is very possible and also completely wonderful! I’m here to insist that you can do it and I’m thrilled to explain why and, more importantly, HOW.


My own history with coffee/caffeine is deep. I enjoyed it in high school, survived on it in college, and moved the habit with me as I graduated and relocated across the country. I returned to Denver (my hometown!) to attend Nutrition Therapy Institute and, even as I was learning how caffeine can contribute to anxiety, hormone imbalance, infertility, nutrient deficiency, I was still chugging along! It wasn’t until I participated in my first Conscious Cleanse that I was able to step away from the “dark roast” long enough to see just how it was affecting me.


The first five days were rough. I had the typical caffeine withdrawal headache and I was wiped out only halfway through my day. But I also was confused at how much the backs of my thighs and lower back ached. No amount of gentle yoga or epsom salt baths made it go away. I was shocked to learn that sciatic pain is a common symptom of caffeine withdrawal! Four to five days of constant body aches and my inability to focus showed me that caffeine is one powerful substance.


But I got through it and my energy in the second week of this 2-week cleanse was un-be-lievable! Not only did my energy rebound tenfold but my insomnia was gone, my outlook was more positive, and I woke up easily and clear. At this time, I do still enjoy a cup of joe but I’m so much wiser about my intake and I know how to stay in control.


The reason I’m telling this story is because, for the first time, the Yoga Mat has partnered with this local detox program, the Conscious Cleanse, to bring YOU this same, amazing cleanse! Perhaps your “thing” isn’t coffee but, rather, maybe it’s the false prophet of dairy, gluten, junk food, alcohol, or sugar that has snuggled its way into a daily and frustrating habit. Now, with the support of your home yoga studio behind you, is the time to check in with these habits and see what you can learn about yourself. The best news is that I’m now a health coach for the stellar Conscious Cleanse support team and I’m here to answer any questions and help you figure it all out!


So are you curious why life is like without food crutches? Are you interested in discovering the source of your runny nose, adult acne, or digestive stress? Do you just want to feel better? If so, the Conscious Cleanse is the perfect way to tune in, investigate, and fall in love with your body all over again.


Find more details about the cleanse, as well as the link to register, HERE. Feel free to write in to me at Jessica[at] if you have any questions at all. Otherwise, registration for the Conscious Cleanse closes on March 7. I hope you’ll sign up, get your real BFFs to join you, and come to your mat excited for change.